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FANUC ladder III это главная утилита предназначеная для  разработки, отладки, и документирования PLC программ (электроавтоматики) УЧПУ фирмы FANUC.

Данная версия является портативной версией программы не требующая установки и работающая с USB накопителя.

FANUC Ladder III is the primary tool used to create, debug and document the CNC-to-machine, PMC Ladder interface. Machine tool builders and retrofitters can add value by adding unique capabilities to their total machine solution. End-users take advantage of the advanced troubleshooting tools to quickly diagnose CNC-to-machine interface related problems.

Enhanced Capabilities

FANUC Ladder III is continuously being enhanced to support new CNC models from GE Fanuc, and to increase the productivity of PMC ladder development.

Install FANUC Ladder III on the latest PC hardware with Windows Vista compatibility

* Create your own proprietary PMC ladder building blocks using the Function Block function ;
* Complete 3xi-Series support with Extended PMC Ladder Instructions ;
* Enhanced version control with PMC Ladder Difference Print function ;
* Improved reusability with copy and past ladder between different PMC types ;
* Faster address edits with address range search and replace ;
* Expanded the settable number of contacts and coils per row to 32 ;
* Faster PMC development when used with NCGuidePro Software Simulator;

Basic Features

* FANUC Ladder III includes the functionality to manage the total PMC ladder development and support life cycle.;
* Upload, download and real-time monitoring of PMC Ladders using Ethernet or RS-232, depending on the PMC model being used ;
* Creating, viewing, editing, and saving of ladder sequence programs ;
* Monitoring and debugging ladder sequence programs including displaying the signal status, signal trace and analysis, alarms, and PMC status, and online monitoring ;
* Setting and displaying PMC parameters ;
* Executing and stopping sequence programs ;
* Transfer to and from the PMC RAM ;
* Writing to the PMC Flash ROM ;
* Documenting and printing PMC Ladder and reference information ;

PMCs Supported FANUC Ladder III can be used for Ladder development for PMCs used in most current GE Fanuc CNCs.

* PMC models PA1/PA3/SA1/SA2/SA3/SA5/SB/SB2/SB3/SB4/SB5/SB6/SB7/SC/SC3/SC4/NB/NB2/NB6 (refer to Ladder Language Programming Manual B-61863E) ;
* All 3xi-Series PMCs ( refer to PMC Programming Manual B-63983EN) ;



Скачать бесплатно CNC Fanuc. Программа Ladder III v4.70 (Portable).  Размер: 20 MB

Официальный сайт программы - нет.



Скачать документацию на Fanuc Ladder III.  Размер: 3 MB


Обсудить данную программу можно у нас на форуме здесь

Ещё много документации по различным УЧПУ, в том числе и FANUC можно скачать здесь


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